Counselling Room at the Waterloo Wellbeing Centre, Plymouth

It is important for you to find the right counsellor to work with. I offer a one hour introductory consultation costing £20, at the end of which you can decide whether or not to proceed with further sessions.

Each subsequent session will then last one hour. The standard fee for one hour is £45 per session, payable at the end of each session by cash or cheque. A limited number of concessions may be available for students and those on low incomes. I also offer a reduced rate for trainee counsellors.

Missed appointments or cancelled sessions are chargeable in full, apart from exceptional circumstances when an agreed portion of the fee will be payable. Further sessions are booked on a session-by-session basis. Counselling can be short- or long-term depending on your needs and goals.

Sessions usually take place once a week, however this can and does change according to the individual needs of the client.

Sessions take place at The Plymouth Natural Health and Healing Centre, or in one of the therapy rooms at the Abbey Mead Natural Health Centre in Tavistock. I am flexible regarding days and appointment times.

The therapy centres all have free parking outside the premises.

Email Counselling

Why Choose Email Counselling?

  • Available worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Allows you to decide where and when you write to your Counsellor and how frequently.
  • Provides you with the time to consider your situation and put your feelings and thoughts into words, which can be very therapeutic.
  • Allows the Counsellor the time to carefully consider your problem, providing you with a personalised response.
  • Provides you with a written record of the response that you can re-read and carefully consider before responding.
  • Provides you with the option of remaining anonymous.
  • Is easily accessible.
  • Is more affordable.

How Does Email Counselling Work?

You send your email (up to 1000 words) to the secure email counselling address

Each 1000 word email along with my response constitutes one counselling session. I will respond to emails withing two working days.

It would be helpful if your first email included the following details:

  • some background information about yourself including your gender, age, marital and work status and any relevant health issues.
  • why you are seeking counselling, if you have received counselling previously and what the issues are that you want to address now.


All payments for email counselling are made via the free and secure payment method Paypal. Paypal secure payments allows you to pay via your paypal account or via credit card, debit card or e-cheque. Paypal is a leading secure payment gateway, it uses SSL encryption to ensure that your details remain safe. You do not have to have a Paypal account to make your payment.

To Receive Email Counselling

  1. Select the number of Email Counselling sessions your would like:
    • 1 Email Counselling session - £20
    • 3 Email Counselling sessions - £57 (save 5%)
    • 6 Email Counselling sessions - £108 (save 10%)
  2. Pay for your Email Counselling sessions using Paypal.
  3. Send your Email to
  4. I will respond to your email within two working days.